June 13, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on double Senior Legal Analyst time, #Russiagate, net neutrality, Republican derangement syndrome, North Korea, ‘the Great Negotiator,’ interest rates, Scott Pruitt and Jared/Ivanka grifting bigly!

We start with one Senior Legal Analyst segment and it involves reporting that #Trump lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen is ‘losing’ his lawyers and thus may be flipping, to cooperate with prosecutors and make a deal. What’s this about? There’s a lot here; it’s about #Russiagate but much more! And, our second Senior Legal Analyst topic begins our second hour and involves net neutrality – there’s a lot of politics and civics in this law segment!

Republicans are now totally deranged and even one of their own sees it. We see it clearly with North Korea, and we’ll prove it today!

Interest rates are going up and that hurts some and helps others. Government picking winners and losers! And, speaking of losers, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt just lost some very important support – is he out the door soon? Also, Jared Kushner/Ivanka Trump are winners to the tune of $82 million in “outside income” last year. Nice gig if you don’t mind being a crook!

On Beyond The Norm, with all the plastic floating in all the oceans, and all the plastic dumped on land, is there now a new, ‘green’ solution to literally digest and recycle it all – or a lot? Cleanly? Science and nature working together!

Fierce independence means being willing to adapt to win the future. This is what we preach, daily, here, at the home of fierce independence – The Norman Goldman Show!