June 16, 2017 – Guilty Of Manslaughter For Talking Someone Into Committing Suicide?

This case is big in the news now, but with all the all else happening in the news, this segment is a Beyond The Norm, when it could easily have been done on the show! A sign of busy times! The facts of the case are: Two teens are in a relationship. Both are troubled and one is contemplating/attempting suicide. The other sends dozens of text messages urging the other to do it – and the other does it and dies. The subsequent prosecution for involuntary manslaughter just wrapped up with a guilty verdict. The case and surrounding legal issues present a teaching opportunity for us – sadly – from a very tragic case. But, doing Senior Legal Analyst time means getting objective, dispassionate and neutral. No rooting, just analyzing. We’ll do it today, when we go Beyond The Norm.