Just Calling Yourself A “Christian” Does Not Create Magic Powers – Or Anything Else!

Torturing children is not the #Christian thing to do. Needlessly, gleefully, recklessly torturing children is even more unspeakable of a crime against humanity. Many of these kids have family here and should be released to their families. But torturing children – babies – is exactly what #BenedictDonald and the #FakeChristians have done at the border. We must not only destroy their claims to religious and civil superiority based on their smug, sanctimonious phony religious presumptions, but we must also destroy them at the ballot box. This business with the #Deplorables has gotten out of hand. Time to return to normalcy. #WhoIsAChristian #FakeChristians #NoShortAttentionSpan #NoPurityTests #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans.