Let The Russian Bots, And The American Trolls, Be The Only Ones Doing This

Knowing how our system works is crucial to making it work for us. The Koch brothers and their elitist buddies know how the system works – which is why it’s a crooked system, a rigged system. Part of knowing the system means knowing there are three branches (executive, legislative, judicial) of government – and that third branch – the courts – is staffed by the first two – the President and the Senate. This means NOT the House of Representatives, thus putting great power over the courts in the presidency and one house of Congress – the one house where it’s two Senators per state, regardless of size or population. Federal judges have tremendous power. Who is putting federal judges on the bench now? Who controls the White House and Senate? While we have been running #ProgressivePurityPolice tests all this time (Al Gore is no different from George W. Bush, anyone?) the crooks have taken over. Will we ever learn? The courts will NOT keep bailing us out if we let the criminals keep selecting the judges. We have to go easy on the purity tests. Look at what’s going on! #OneVoteMANYCONSEQUENCES!!!! Four more years of you-know-who and his Party?