March 12, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on guns, Senior Legal Analyst time, #Stormy, #FakePresident, moderate Democrats, #Putin and poisoning, and the “Education Secretary.”

We start this week with guns and the #NRA is very unhappy. That is part of Senior Legal Analyst time today, but there was another multiple-victim shooting that got very little attention. #Yountville.

#Stormy is now offering the money back. More Senior Legal Analyst time. Speaking of Stormy Daniels, #BenedictDonald was in Pennsylvania this weekend and that raises at least two issues – one is his being unhinged. The other is “moderate Democrats.”

Great Britain is very upset, because it appears #Putin is poisoning people in their country. And the “Education Secretary” made a spectacle of herself on national TV last night – even the White House thinks she did bad! Sad!

On Beyond The Norm, have we made “childproofing” too much of a thing? Some are now reversing course and intentionally exposing children to risk and danger!

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