May 16, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on another super busy show, justice is served on #LyinDonJr, #LyinDonald, election primary results and Bernie Sanders, Senior Legal Analyst time, the #NRA, the CIA, North Korea and Rex Tillerson!

The Senate Judiciary Committee today released a lot of pages of interviews and Donald Trump Jr. does not come out well. And, do these documents reveal the #NRA got money from #Putin to help #BenedictDonald in the 2016 election? Indeed, #CriminalDonald comes out even worse because a separate, legally-mandated disclosure form now has #DonaldTrumpWhoIsAPerv admitting to repaying Michael Cohen for #StormyDaniels. Oh, what tangled web we weave!

Primaries in Pennsylvania and other places yesterday tested whether the Bernie Sanders-style-Democrats are winning. Some very surprising results are in – Nebraska!?!

Two Senior Legal Analyst topics deal with two very difficult issues but they must be confronted – death and gross sexual misconduct.

The CIA is one step closer to a new Director and Rex Tillerson gave a speech where he clearly slammed #Trump. Will there be a reply? And, now that Kim Jong-un of North Korea is playing #Trump for a chump, where are we going? We’ll see!

On Beyond The Norm, is it a healthy thing to sleep with your dog or dogs? Cat or cats?

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