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dontuseappDON'T USE NORM'S APP
If you are using Norm's dedicated app from the iTunes or Android store, please discontinue!  That app is no longer working.

However, you can use any podcasting app. You probably have one installed already. But if not, there are several good ones listed below.

Listen to the Norman Goldman Show using your favorite podcasting app.

The first hour of each show is available free and commercial-free.

Full three-hour shows are available commercial-free, and with a daily extra commercial-free segment, for our Beyond The Norm subscribers, for $10 a month or less, by clicking here:

Become a Subscriber


To subscribe to Norm's program, you'll need to use your personal podcast feed, which you will see below if you are logged in.

  1. Select and install a podcasting app, if you don't have one already.
  2. Copy your feed (below) to your clipboard. On your touchscreen device, this is usually done by long-pressing the link until a menu appears. Then select copy. On a desktop, right-click and select copy.
  3. Open your podcasting app. Look for a PLUS icon or an ADD menu item.  There should be an option for a custom feed, RSS feed or similar. (The language is different for each app.)
  4. Paste your feed and save!


The way to add your feed varies depending on your podcasting app. Here's an example using Podcast Addicts. The process is similar for other apps, though the icons may differ. Please click the images below for a step-by-step example.


Here's a video showing you how to add the above feed to the Podcasts app on an iPhone or iPad.

Recommended Podcasting Apps


The native IOS app on your Iphone
The native IOS app on your Iphone

Overcast App

Downcast App download here
Downcast App


Podcast & Radio Addict

Beyond Pod App
Beyond Pod App

DogCatcher App
DogCatcher App

Podcatcher App
Podcatcher App