November 12, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on Veteran’s Day, #BenedictDonald, the Great War, one hundred years, the Congressional elections, defining patriotism, #Putin, Stan Lee, Emmanuel Macron, Little Rocket Man, Dana Rohrabacher, Kyrsten Sinema, Matthew Whitaker and other craziness too numerous to list!

If it seems like the whole world is both falling apart and going crazy simultaneously, you’re not alone! It is! And it’s all the fault of one guy! So, you-know-who has just caused disaster in Europe – on the hundredth anniversary of a giant disaster in Europe – and he’s back here, causing more disasters! #WhoIsAPatriot and the definition is up for grabs! This is especially true with new developments in Mississippi!

Democrats just turned another Senate seat from the Republicans! Arizona! Did you hear? No!??!! In Florida, all hell is breaking loose – again. And, more House Republicans are losing as the votes keep getting counted! Did you hear? No!??! And, when Democrats take over the House in January, they seem to have already identified their first witness for hearings and oversight! Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will be glad he’s gone!

A comics legend died at 95 and Little Rocket Man is on track to kill us all.

On Beyond The Norm, are we treating bees like we treat cows, chickens and pigs?

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