November 13, 2017 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on #RoyMooreChildMolester, sexual harassment, hypocrisy, politics, Senior Legal Analyst time, #RepublicanCivilWar2017, taxes and #FakePresident in Asia.

A new accuser has come forward with not only very serious allegations, but documentary proof against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. Plus, there is more proof on Moore – lots more! Also, the issue of sexual harassment has a new hashtag and it’s reminding us of the basics – we are re-learning the basics! And, someone on the Republican side – whoever decides their daily talking points – has figured out they can’t keep doing hypocrisy on this issue. All of this leads, of course, to #RepublicanCivilWar2017!

Senior Legal Analyst time returns with a deadlocked jury in a New Jersey criminal case (trying a U.S. Senator for corruption!) and a #Trump judicial nominee who tells us all we need to know about #Trump judicial nominees.

The House wants to vote on a tax bill this week and #FakePresident is making a fool of himself all over Asia. Surprised? Also, world leaders have figured out how to deal with #BenedictDonald. Have you figured out what they figured out?

On Beyond The Norm, we have more Senior Legal Analyst time, with an Alabama man getting a $7.5 million dollar jury verdict against Walmart for tripping and falling while buying a watermelon. Why so much? Will it stand? What’s it about?

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