November 14, 2017 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, #RoyMooreChildMolester, #RepublicanCivilWar2017,  sexual harassment, taxes, Obamacare, Senior Legal Analyst time and #Russiagate!

The “Attorney General” was on Capitol Hill today, and he seemed to have left his memory in his other suit!

#RepublicanCivilWar2017 rages on with #RoyMooreChildMolester refusing to quit his Senate race and his Party in a tizzy over what to do! And, sexual harassment is happening now on Capitol Hill, according to one key source. A Congresswoman. And then there’s more – I noticed something decades ago that seems pertinent now.

Senate Republicans are taking another swipe at undermining Obamacare in their tax bill. And the tax bill was awful before that!

Senior Legal Analyst time is back with another clash of principles – the Supreme Court has just accepted a case that pits free speech against government regulation of the medical profession! And, #Russiagate is now hot again with the latest revelations of collusion between #FakePresident and Russia!

On Beyond The Norm, a floating wind turbine? In the ocean? Many of them? For renewable energy? It’s happening already? Let’s explore this!

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