November 26, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on gassing children, ‘values voters,’ terriers and bariffs everywhere, climate change, the “New South” versus the “Old South” and #Russiagate!

I recall the U.S. firing rockets at Syria for gassing babies. Now that we’re gassing babies, do we fire rockets at ourselves? And, I recall the #ValuesVoters from years past. Are they still claiming to be #Christian after all this behavior by #BenedictDonald?

GM is closing plants and jobs are being lost due to the the tariffs you-know-who thinks are working so well. And, guess who is getting hurt the worst? Did you say ‘Trump voters in the Rust Belt of Ohio?”

Climate change was again highlighted by the very government #CriminalDonald claims to head. He, of course, tried to hide the news – but we don’t ignore things like that! And, for years, I was told to ignore the “Old South” and their evil ways, because a “New South” had risen up! I didn’t believe it then, I don’t believe it now, but I may believe it tomorrow – believe me! There’s an election for the U.S. Senate, in Mississippi!

And, in #Russiagate news, Special Counsel #Mueller is squeezing hard on a guy who seems to know stuff he doesn’t want to reveal! It’s about #Collusion!

On Beyond The Norm, there are still, to this day, ‘hidden tribes’ in the world. They seem to have a rule: No contact with the outside world. One guy just broke the rule and paid for it with his life. How can isolation still be a thing in this world today?

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