November 30, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on the non-legal problems of #BenedictDonald, the legal problems of #CriminalDonald, Senior Legal Analyst time, James Comey, guns, the #AmericanEmpire, NAFTA, #Putin and an Alaskan earthquake.

Yesterday we looked at legal issues arising from the Michael Cohen plea in #Russiagate, so today let’s look at the political implications of what Mr. Cohen divulged. We can start with conflicts of interest, move to leverage, and go from there!

The legal problems of #CriminalDonald center on the House of Representatives and the Special Counsel. And they seem to have much material to work with, so Senior Legal Analyst time is on the show today! And, James Comey was in federal court, fighting a subpoena served on him by House Republicans, in their last few days of power!

It’s Friday, and that means we pause to examine the #Empire and the toll of guns on our fellow Americans.

At the G-20 Summit in Argentina, #Trump was supposed to not meet with #Putin. Did he keep his word? And, a set of tweaks to NAFTA were agreed to by Canada and Mexico. A big deal? An earthquake in Alaska is a big deal – it triggered a tsunami warning (later canceled) but 7.0 is serious!

On Beyond The Norm, U.S. life expectancy is down. Again. What’s going on?

Fierce independence means looking for answers and accepting multiple answers, if true. This is what we do, here, at the home of fierce independence – The Norman Goldman Show!