November 8, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on guns, the events of two years ago today, more election results, Senior Legal Analyst time, the southern border, and #Russiagate.

Another mass shooting today and the senselessness of it all is numbing. Speaking of numb, do you recall what happened two years ago today?

There are so many election results, let’s take a look at some that have been overlooked – by me, at least!

Senior Legal Analyst time will be popular as we have two topics – a big court ruling on #DACA and this new so-called Attorney General and his bias against #Russiagate.

The “caravan” vanished from the news right after the election, but the southern border is getting more inhospitable to asylum seekers. Guess why?

On Beyond The Norm, public libraries know the homeless. Can they serve the homeless? Absolutely!

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