October 11, 2018 – Today’s Show!

Today on the show, justice is served on dignity in the White House, Kanye West, #BenedictDonald, racism, symbols, Senior Legal Analyst time, that very mysterious international murder case and rigging the elections – one in particular!

I recall the Teabaggers complaining about black people in the White House and wanting to ‘restore dignity’ by bringing white people back in. Are they happy now? Kanye West and #BenedictDonald made a spectacle of themselves. Speaking of spectacles, CNN anchor Don Lemon has touched off a firestorm by using a symbol – a racially charged symbol – and he’s a symbol himself!

Senior Legal Analyst time returns with a group of complaints against Brett Kavanaugh over his Senate performance. The “Chief Justice” has referred them to a federal appeals court for consideration. So, what’s it all about? Can we get the guy off the bench with this?

We spoke yesterday of that super weird apparent murder in Turkey, in the Saudi consulate, and there’s updates today. It looks like the bad guys got caught! But, corruption in the White His is key to this story!

In Georgia, it looks like the Republican candidate for Governor is rigging the election for himself. Can he do that?

On Beyond The Norm, more Senior Legal Analyst time with a proposed class action against a popular soft drink that claims to be natural but is alleged to be not so natural!

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