One Vote, MANY Consequences

It’s been three long years with another to go, right? Math death. Four year fixed terms – it’s in the Constitution. With this story, of #FakeChristians trying to starve Americans to death, I hope people have now seen the depth, and the breadth, of the powers of the presidency. This should have been (for normal, feeling people) one long, tortuous civics class, leading to a new understanding of America and its system. So much damage done, but:
For those who don’t vote, this all is what happens;
For those who vote based on #ProgressivePurityPolice tests, this all is what happens;
For those who want to “burn it all down” this all is what that looks like – lots and lots of dead children at the border, and that’s just the start there. The Supreme Court and two lower layers of federal courts slanted for decades in favor of the well-connected, the police and powerful corporate interests. Massive corruption and on and on we go.
This system is old, and peculiar in its idiosyncrasies, (look at the U.S. Senate for example – it’s in the Constitution) and simply refusing to settle down, learn the f*#@*&g system, and patiently work with it, for a two-decade sustained period, in relevant part, got us here. Taking food out of poor people’s mouths. Literally. By so-called #Christians.
The future has not yet happened. Will we learn and change course? #NoPurityTests #NoShortAttentionSpan #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans and that’s a 20 year assignment.