One Would Think This Had Been Figured Out By Now….

A few days ago, #FakeChristians was trending big on Twitter. The reason? Horrific conditions were again exposed in the camps on the southern border, with #BenedictDonald torturing children and adults – and killing them. The people perpetrating these immoral crimes against humanity, on behalf of #PutinsPuppet? They call themselves #Christians – but it’s obviously a cruel, false joke. So, outrage from the normal people; we cannot force #CriminalDonald to do right, because he’s in control – perhaps we can fix this at the ballot box next year?
And, let us not forget the other grave sins of the so-called #Christians and let us not forget the sins of so many who use religion to gain political power, cheat for money or get sexual gratification by abusing their religious positions to abuse their followers. It’s an old scam and one that never seems to end. Will we ever learn? #EmptyThePews God is ready to listen, if you’ll talk. But don’t get your hopes up and that voice in your head is not God. It’s just you. Sorry to disappoint.