Politicians Should Love This Move!

Democratic Party politicians have proven to be very cautious in recent years. Republicans? The opposite. So, when confronted with #BenedictDonald, House Democrats seem frozen into inaction. This is especially bad since #PutinsPuppet is committing impeachable offenses daily. So, what would a smart, but cautious, Democratic Party leader, who is being berated by a big chunk of the rank-and-file for being too timid, do to make everyone happy? Do what politicians do best – leave your options open. Start an impeachment inquiry. Open the impeachment investigation, and let it play out. Hold LOTS of hearings. Watergate-style. High drama on TV. Keep the crimes and #Treason of #CriminalDonald at the front of the news, everyday. In other words, #InvestigateLikeHillarysEmails. #InvestigateLikeBenghazi. #InvestigateLikeMonicaLewinsky. #InvestigateLikeWhitewater. Then, ‘the American people’ will see why he has to go. #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans #LockHimUp #LockThemAllUp