Journey to Justice (iTunes)


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This is the incredible true story of Norman Goldman’s Journey to Justice, in politics and in life!

Journey to Justice is part autobiographical portrait of Norm; his beginning of life in poverty, parents that died when he was young, becoming a ward of New York City orphanages in the 1970s, and the road to triumph as a lawyer and in radio. Journey to Justice is also part political manifesto, with a fresh look at politics, analysis you won’t hear elsewhere and a re-examination of some basic “facts” about America’s political system.

This amazing story is told in detail by someone who achieved success through hard work, but with a hand up, not a hand out. Norm takes you on his very personal journey through early life, law school, and the school of hard knocks as a lawyer and a broadcaster. He also teaches a lot about politics with smart and timely political analysis, with relevance to the politics of today.

The inspiring life of Norm takes you from rags to righteous, to radio.

Before you vote in 2012, read Journey to Justice.