Richard Nixon Did Not Have Fox “News”

The Republican Party built this hysterical civil war – over 50 years. And they have a TV network to help them with propaganda. Look where it’s gotten us. Racism, apocalyptic, #FakeChristian views, a belief in their status as the master Americans, all imported into politics. Naked hatred, combined with nativism, reflected in an ideology that has captured 4 in 10 Americans’ minds. The only way out is for the 6 in 10 majority to rise up, make deals amongst themselves, and squash the rabble rousers at the polls. The evildoers won’t go away with anything but complete defeat. Even then, they’ll regroup and come back. THEY have declared war on US. The New American Civil War. Who will win? The minority or the majority? #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans #BenedictDonald #MoscowMitch