So, Now He’s Going To Declare A Fake Emergency To Divert Money To Build His Racist Monument?

My approach to this is: 1) #Resist as best I can, with organizing and democratic action. 2) Remember how we got here – no purity tests, no “I must-get-emotional-satisfaction-IN-THIS-MOMENT” meltdowns or temper tantrums, especially around Election Day. 3) No broad, wild accusations that “they are all the same,” because they are not (George W. Bush, Al Gore.) 4) Resolve to never do this again. We don’t have to live like this. And if doing it best means the dreaded incrementalism, so be it. There’s 330 million of us here and no one of us gets to dictate it all to the rest of us. Like this guy. Lesson learned? Can we go #WinTheFuture now? First, by stopping this stupid idiot and his ridiculous #RacistMonument?