The Evidence Keeps Piling Up!

I hope you have heard me talking about going #Transpolitical – it IS #TheNewPoliticsForTheNextAmerica. A policy-based program that ignores labels and builds a broad new centrist consensus. I have proof it works, from Tuesday’s elections. Arkansas and Missouri raised the minimum wage, by voter approval. Nebraska, Utah and Idaho expanded Medicaid under Obamacare by popular vote. Redistricting reform (get rid of gerrymandering) passed in a group of states as diverse as Ohio (last spring) and Michigan, Colorado, Utah and Missouri on Tuesday. Cannabis keeps getting legalized – for all purposes in Michigan on Tuesday; for medical purposes in Utah and Missouri. If we just present pure, straight POLICY ISSUES to the people – stripping away the “progressive” or “conservative” or “liberal” labels and even ignoring Party signals, like “Democrat” and “Republican,” we win on policy. The public is with us on policy issues by big margins. Can we learn? And #WinTheFuture?