The Faster We Get To Policy, The Better We Are!

The public is justifiably angry about wealth and income inequality. There is a broad consensus that the tax code is rigged and fixed for the rich and big business. Annual budget deficits are insane and the national debt is monstrous. Crumbling infrastructure is all around us. And it’s all getting worse. A broad new center of America (former Republicans, former Republican-leaning independents, most other independents, most Democrats, many voters new to politics) comprising well more than half can come together to fix this – and the template already exists.

Two Roosevelts (Teddy, a Republican, 1901 – 1908) and Franklin Delano (a Democrat, 1932 – 1945) each saw – and used – the power of the U.S. Constitution to regulate the economy in the public interest and tax the economy for public needs. The U.S. Constitution gives us, through both Houses of Congress, and a presidential signature, broad and deep power to do precisely those things: Regulate the economy as thoroughly as our political will wants, and tax it as much as our political will wants, for public needs. WHO PAYS is the issue and that’s where the rigging and fixing and politics have come in.

The public is upset because the system is obviously broken, helping only the rich and powerful. However, we do not need “democratic socialism” or just plain old “socialism” (and the branding/imaging/positioning headaches that go along with that) taking us off track and down a side road arguing not policy. Get to policy as fast as possible because we win on policy. The U.S. Constitution gives us all we need, to do all the policies we want, even the Green New Deal. Teddy Roosevelt used the U.S. Constitution to regulate business and Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the power to tax to create Social Security and so much more. The reason Medicare is constitutional is due to the power to tax in Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution. Plus, the Sixteenth Amendment (1913) created the income tax and look at what has been done with that!

If we want what we want, all we need is the U.S. Constitution. Let’s forget the labels (liberal, conservative and progressive) and get to the list of policies that are very popular now – our policies! Let’s gather up the political will to take over the system with this broad new center and fix it from its current broken status!