The Weight Of Each Vote Is Not The Same In The Contests For U.S. Senate

Democrats got over 12 million more votes for U.S. Senate than Republicans did in this past election. However, because the Constitution is unconstitutional, Republicans added to their Senate majority. Two Senators per state, regardless of size or population, is not ‘one-person-one-vote’ and thus a rigged and fixed system lets the clear minority control the Senate. BUT, the U.S. House of Representatives is a different matter. Despite massive gerrymandering in Republican-held states, Democrats are on track to pick up to close to 40 seats in ‘The People’s House’ – including THIS historic sweep of formerly beet-red Republican Orange County, California. The political heart of Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, John Wayne and countless others is now Democratic. The writing is on the wall (did #BenedictDonald build his wall?) that this version of the Republican Party is on the brink of collapse nationally.