There Is Strength In Numbers

Once one whistleblower speaks, it becomes easier for the second whistleblower to speak. Then, that much easier for the third whistleblower. Soon, the dam breaks because people find comfort in support from a group. This is why governments have laws against conspiracies and crowd gatherings. “The State” can beat down (and break down) an individual, alone and isolated. But, get a crowd together and bold action (violent action, too) can occur much more easily. Think Hong Kong right now. Tiananmen Square, 1989. Putin’s goons wade into pro-democracy crowds and beat people. Authority fears groups and crowds. Groups and crowds give courage to their members and give general public notice that joining the group will bring support and some degree of anonymity from an already-existing group or crowd. That is why once the dam breaks (like it appears to be doing now, on #BenedictDonald) it only gets worse. There is a cumulative, cascading effect, as more and more people join in. Let’s hope that is the process we are witnessing now.