They ARE Four Letter Words! “Barr” And “Cohn”

#BenedictDonald has found his new Roy Cohn. In the so-called “Attorney General” #CriminalDonald has his dream: A spineless dupe who will do every bad thing that his boss wants done. Now the FBI is under investigation for investigating #PutinsPuppet. That’s rich. #OneVoteManyConsequences. Barr is also covering up everything and the message to Democrats in the House is clear: The White House will give nothing without a fight all the way to the Supreme Court. And who packed that rigged and fixed court? And who let it happen? #MerrickGarland? #Gorsuch and #Kavanaugh? Be that all as it is, let’s understand reality – with Barr and #BenedictDonald there, getting anything (e.g, #TaxReturns, the Mueller report) will be a massive, slow, obstructed legal battle all the way to the Crooked Supreme Court. We have quite a hole to climb out of. #NoShortAttentionSpan #NoPurityTests #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans