They Insist On Two Standards But They Cannot Enforce That!

So, we know the supposed rule: When there is good news, Republicans and #BenedictDonald claim the credit – and “how dare you question us!!??” When there is BAD news, it’s NOT their fault, it’s the fault of their enemies. When they win elections, these are clean and “how dare you question the results!!??” But, when we win elections, it’s rigged and fixed. The only ways this works is if we go along with it – and we won’t – and if they get to get away with decreeing their superiority and specialness. They insist they are the master authority and their word is the final word. They can’t enforce this – their arrogance is disgusting – but this is where they demand we be. Are we obeying their decrees? Are we contesting their demands of master authority status? This is where they have dragged us! Look at the stock market – it’s their fault when it’s down – right!!??