They Know They Are Doing This – That’s The ‘Shameless’ Part

This is what happens when politics becomes everything. When principles, ethics, morals, values, all the things that keep us working off a common set of rules, are thrown out, and only grasping, greedy “winning” matters, then we see total hypocrisy, corruption, cynicism and a breakdown of society. When it becomes simply ‘part of the game’ to shamelessly take completely contradictory positions once the shoe switches to the other foot, from Republicans using Congress as a political weapon whenever they have power, to then demanding that Congress NOT investigate when the opposite result is desired, then we are breaking down. Shared values and norms are no longer shared. Breaking the Constitution and laws routinely, just to get the desired result, in the moment? Sets a very bad example. People notice and decide they can do it too.
Refusing to turn over tax returns despite a clear and simple law requiring it? Blanket obstruction of all investigations, even without any legal or factual basis to object [Don McGahn]? Withholding a Supreme Court seat for almost a year to wait for the next election? Rigging and fixing political maps (gerrymandering) to win elections? Purging Democratic voters to rig elections? Rigging the Census? Rigging the tax laws and environmental laws? Investigating Benghazi and Hillary’s emails in the ways they did? When politics is everything, we are in deep trouble. To see this guy McConnell making this demand, after all we have seen from him in particular, and the Republican Party in general, in the past many years, is really quite a sign of the system breaking down. Their greed, cynicism, lies, shamelessness and callousness are destroying America. Recognize. I hope it’s not too late to reverse course.