They Rig The Rules as Effectively As I’ve Ever Seen

Efficiency and effectiveness are supposed to be good qualities. However, when Republicans use them, it’s to rig and fix the system. This new example is just too good/bad: Smoking gun evidence of bad faith efforts to use the Census to rig elections and our politics for the next ten years. If you don’t know the significance of this, then let’s learn.
The Census is every ten years. Next year is a Census year and Republicans are going to under count Democrats (by scaring off non-citizens with a citizenship question) and give themselves another ten years of advantages.
The Census is supposed to count people living in America. ALL people. Not just citizens – even children get counted. When we give control of the Executive Branch to Republicans, they use it to further seal themselves into power. The Census is run by the Commerce Department, under the president’s control in the Executive Branch, and is used to draw districts in the federal House of Representatives and state legislative districts.
Fewer Democrats in the districts helps Republicans, because they’re white, and admit it here. So, by rigging the Census by shrinking the count of Democrats, Republicans have given themselves a big advantage for the next ten years.
The Census numbers are also used to allocate billions of dollars of federal aid. The more people counted, the more federal money to your state. #OneVoteManyConsequences. #NoShortAttentionSpan #NoPurityTests #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans