They Should Be Worried….

Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony today is more devastating news for this illegal, illegitimate “Administration.” The reaction, from Republicans, has been to attack an American hero for telling the truth about their criminal chief executive. Disgraceful. And, Republican Senators are in a very tough spot – of their own complicit making. The House will impeach #BenedictDonald – but what does the Senate – then – do? To acquit the loser after all the criminality sets a standard for all future presidents and likely upsets the general public. Which could hurt bigly at the ballot box next November,¬†with #Brokeahontas at the top of the ticket. Plus, what if he squeaks in again? They’re stuck with another four years of him? To convict and kick him out means their base will be angry. Which could hurt bigly at the ballot box next November. Either way, they are in a pickle of their own making! They coddled the fool. They protected him. Now it’s decision time. #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans