They Try To Run This “I’m You Boss” Psychological Operation….

Republicans want to debate each issue as if we are starting fresh, from scratch. They debate abortion as if we’ve never debated it before. They attack Democrats on healthcare as if they have no history on the issue – and that is the point. We should never debate Republicans on their terms because they operate in bad faith. They’re frauds. Untrustworthy. Just listen to them. #EveryWordALie. They have no principles. Take no consistent positions and just try to bully their way to dominance.
So, my idea for the counterattack is to remind them of what they have done, in the last 18 years. George W. Bush to now. And, with #BenedictDonald there, and the #CollapsedRepublicanParty kissing his rear end, doing whatever he wants, it’s easy to remind them of who they are and what they have done. Just say it!
Just because they try to dictate the terms of an argument doesn’t mean you and I have to go along. You control your words. Best words! You say what is calculated to teach them a lesson. Use their own actions against them. Don’t have amnesia. You can change the terms of the debate by injecting their past actions into the debate! These fools are not your boss. Say what is calculated to let them have it! They’ve been doing it to us for years. #OneStandardAppliedToAll
Like this: #DrainTheSwamp and the #PartyOfGod, the Party of #FamilyValues had THIS guy as a key player and top fundraiser. What a joke. #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans