They’re Playing My Song!

I have news: Those who tell others to “go back” and “get out of my country” or “my country, love it or leave it” have zero power behind their demands and zero credibility to make the claim to be “better” Americans. They’re just saying empty words. It only has power if we go along. Time was, that wasn’t true. But America has changed! So, don’t go along. Don’t be hurt by their words. Attack them. Turn it back on. them. Go on offense. Tell THEM to leave. Declare yourself the “better” American. Tell them they are hating on America and they should go back, if they don’t like it. Tell them it’s YOUR country – love it or leave it. Same treatment. By doing that, we then fight to a stalemate on THAT ridiculous issue and then the political system decides who gets the power to run the government. There is the real fight! Win elections! Get control of the machinery of government! To implement your policies!

Fight for the definition of “America.” The evildoers have no special right to define “America.” The Founders, the founding documents and we, all know that America certainly means at least #MaximumFreedom from big, intrusive government. Freedom means self-determination. And self-determination means, among other things, abortion, marriage equality, freedom of speech, freedom of and from religion, plus we can fly Mexican flags wherever we want; even burn Confederate flags – those are the flags of the traitors – they hated America and wanted to leave. So, for those who love the Confederate flag, leave. That’s your flag, not the American flag.

Those who love #FreedomAndLiberty are the true Americans. The #Deplorables and #BenedictDonald want a regimented, uniform, fascist society, with clearly stratified lines of power and station, based on race and ethnicity. That’s not America. That’s a racist dictatorship. Freedom, acceptance, tolerance and diversity. A thousand languages spoken; a thousand different types of food served; a rainbow of color and equality for all, very much including women. All united by the U.S. Constitution and belief in the American Way. THAT is America. The bellicose bullies claiming to define America as 1819 have no special right, not anymore. They’re just bellyaching now. Tell them to go back to where they came from.