This Is All The Natural Consequence Of Our Situation – How’d We Get Into This Situation? Civics!

This is, for better or worse (here, worse, for the good guys) how our system works. It’s a crooked system, a rigged system. Because George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and the boys gave ONLY the U.S. Senate (not the House of Representatives) power to confirm (or deny, #MerrickGarland) judges for life (all federal judges are for life, not just the Supreme Court) a Republican-controlled Senate, with a Republican president, can be a pipeline for radical judicial activist judges. And we can’t stop them. That is happening now. Plus, because that same U.S. Senate is comprised of two Senators per state (regardless of size or population) something like 20% of America (the rural part) has way many of the 100 Senate seats – Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, etc. And, because we have a two-house legislative body, i.e. a bicameral legislature (I have the best words!) if one of the two houses of Congress (like the Senate) doesn’t want to pass bills (like noted in this article) well, then, nothing happens legislatively. Just judicial confirmations, on a non-stop conveyor belt.

Note that when Obama was president, the House flipped to Republicans in 2010 but Democrats still had the Senate. The newly-Republican House shut down all legislation under John Boehner. However, President Obama and Harry Reid (the then-Senate Majority Leader) had the same chance to endlessly-pipeline federal judges – until 2014, when Democratic voters, in a low turnout “midterm” election, didn’t show up to vote, and Republicans took over the Senate. 2014. Then Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia died in February 2016 and Mitch McConnell (the new Senate Majority Leader, since 2014) didn’t confirm Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court, waiting for #BenedictDonald. And look at what has happened since. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

This is all basic American civics. We should all know all this stuff, and more, but we don’t – and 44% of eligible voters don’t bother to vote at all. That’s something like 100 million people. Add it all up: An ocean of apathy, an ignorant populace, easily swayed by stupid politics, economically stressed working and middle classes, a crooked system that strips Democratic voters of their rights to vote, a government structurally-built to give the minority big power, and now, foreign rigging and fixing. #PutinsPuppet got in the first time with foreign help and is inviting it openly now. And, because either house of Congress (House of Representatives or Senate) can block all legislation, the #complicit U.S. Senate under Mitch McConnell will not allow election security laws to go through.

Once we understand how the system works, we can work with it to make it work for us. But, because of its flaws dating back to its writing in 1787, we must understand it, be patient, work with it, have #NoShortAttentionSpan, and run #NoPurityTests. Can we do it? I’ve seen no evidence to date. George W. Bush, Al Gore 2000, for example. Let’s try to get better and go #WinTheFuture.