Washington, D.C. Is A Leaky Place

This reporting shows how much damning evidence #BenedictDonald is trying to hide. The proof keeps coming out – in this case, #PutinsPuppet personally ordered the hold on Ukraine military defense funding – within two hours of his infamous call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. And, #DirtyDonald had to replace career government employees with political hacks, because the honest employees didn’t want to go along with the criminal scheme of freezing money. In fact, two officials resigned, in part, to protest this move by #Brokeahontas and the political guy who did the dirty work told the Pentagon to keep quiet about it. That’s consciousness of guilt. #OneVoteManyConsequences and we see, yet again, the vast, broad and deep powers of the presidency. Why’d we let this guy get the job? Can we not run #PurityTests anymore, please?