We Have Been Pulled Far Off Our Constitutional Moorings

Special Counsel #Mueller made his positions clear both in his report and when he gave his statement: #BenedictDonald committed crimes. Mueller could not charge those crimes due to the unique nature of the position #PutinsPuppet holds. A Department of Justice memo says ‘no indictments’ so he didn’t indict. But, he did give Congress (both houses) all it needs to do its Constitutional duty to get #CriminalDonald out of office – the House impeaches and the Senate convicts by two-thirds. In our current situation, however, crass politics, greed, shortsightedness and cynicism have truimphed over #patriotism. It’s become party over country. The ONLY way that will change is if the citizenry rises up to make some definitive statements about policy direction and changes in the leaders of our nation. #RepealAndReplaceRepublicans #NoPurityTests #NoShortAttentionSpan