We Seem To Just Assume Everyone Knows What These Words Mean – That’s The Problem

#WhoIsAnAmerican is once again presented starkly here. The #NRA decrees itself to be a patriotic organization; it uses/manipulates symbols designed to evoke patriotic emotions in us – the flag, God, country. But, just declaring something does not make it so – as we should have learned long ago. While wrapping itself in patriotic symbols, the NRA sold out to – and was infiltrated by – a hostile foreign nation. That’s treason in my book. Just declaring oneself something (a #Christian, for example) does not make it so. Nor are we bound, by some law or magic rule, to accept these unilateral self-declarations. No power goes along with these declarations. But they demand power with the use of these words. Power to rule over us. Definitions matter. A lot. The definitions of these words are up for grabs. ALWAYS. Contest them. Who is a “Christian”? What are #FamilyValues? Especially with GUNS? Oh, and Maria Butina got a year-and-a-half in prison because the NRA is so patriotic.