What Will They Do In Three Weeks?

Hot on the heels of losing the House due to their actions (for two years) in support of #CriminalDonald, Republicans have now further branded, imaged and positioned themselves as supporting a lunatic who inflicted incredible damage on millions of people for nothing. And then caved. Everyone sees what happened – it was all because a radio host and an author said he was weak – which #BenedictDonald is. He was exposed as dancing to their tune. And caved. Of course Republicans are suffering major political damage. They tied themselves to a dangerous moron. It’s deserved. Question: What will Republican House and Senate members do in mid-February (it’s coming up fast!) when we are back here again? Will they tell #DictatorDonald to do his ’emergency declaration’ and move on? Or, will they do the #TrumpShutdown again?