Who Is A Christian? The Definition Is Up For Grabs And Bullies Can’t Stop Us From Focusing People On The Definition

There are many denominations of “Christianity” in the United States. Each and all call themselves #Christian but they profess VERY different views on Jesus and political issues. Many of the loudest, most obnoxious people are #FakeChristian so-called “evangelicals” who rely on bullying to get their way. We have to learn that their claims of religious arrogance are nothing more than bullying. And, instead of being bullied, we should attack them. Attack their claims to the Bible being a real book from this “God” character; that the Bible gives anyone political power at all, any time, anywhere and that the Bible gives THEM political power here and now in these United States. Undermine the underpinnings of their claims to power. They got nothing. Churches are just buildings. Talk to God direct if you want, no human institutions needed. They take your money, tell you who to vote for, and molest children. They use donations to buy private jets and mansions. And, look what some of them do to those they hate. In the name of Jesus. #WhoIsAChristian and it’s #DefinitionTime. Force people to focus on what it means to be a Christian.