Who’s Time In The Barrel Is It Now, Roger?

This weak-ass, ridiculous, ‘plausible deniability’ claim of an “apology” by Roger Stone is part of the treachery. He does an awful thing – like threatening a judge’s life – but does it somewhat obliquely. Clear, but not TOO clear. The crosshairs are NOT crosshairs, they’re a “Celtic symbol” done up by some volunteer somewhere. This way, to him, he does a joke-of-an-apology to give himself wiggle room out but still leaves the impression he meant the threat. He gets the point across and feels like he can back out, too. Problem is, he’s out of his depth, this time. He’s soon to discover that they play hard ball in the big leagues. The federal courts don’t play kiddie games, Roger. #LockHimUp #LockThemAllUp