“You All Just Got A Lot Richer”

That’s what #BenedictDonald said to his rich buddies at Mar-A-Swampo, right after signing the giant #TaxCutsForTheRichAndBigBusiness into law. His one legislative “accomplishment.” Remember the worn-out lie of “the tax cuts will pay for themselves”? How many times has that lie been trotted out, only to be disproven, again and again? They did it, only half-heartedly this time; quietly, grudgingly acknowledging it’s all bull. Just greed. Pure greed. Now we have ever more massive #DebtAndDeficit, which Republicons railed against under President Obama, forcing government shutdowns and silly sequester cuts. But the national credit card doesn’t matter when Republicons have power, right? Is it over $23 TRILLION yet? Does anyone care?
Now we see another lie about the tax cuts has been exposed. The line about how it was supposed to boost business investment? More lying. Bloomberg and the International Monetary Fund are the sources. No socialists there!